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Confident little girls can change the world!

Singers Company provides a fun environment for young girls to sing, dance, make friends, and rock out!

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What is Singers Company?

Singers Company provides a non-competitive opportunity for girls to perform, a fun way to inspire confidence, make friends and share joy through music & dance.

With practices once a week and 2-3 performances at the end of each Singers Company season, these young girls develop talents and skills that last a lifetime. It is inspiring to see a young girl, once afraid to leave her mother’s side, get up in front a large audience and sing a solo with confidence!

Our Mission

We believe that there is beauty and value in each and EVERY voice. We believe that when girls feel confident & empowered they make better decisions, look for the good in others and grow up to be powerful women & moms. We believe that these confident girls change the world one person, family & community at a time.

Singers Company girls

  • have strengthened confidence
  • gain experience performing in front of an audience
  • increase their singing and dancing ability
  • make friends and have fun
  • are preschool to elementary-aged
  • attend practice once a week for 50 minutes
  • practice and perform during the school year
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Singers Company
Singers Company

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The Story Behind Singers

Singers Company opened the first five franchises in September of 2011. Since then, we have grown to 65 franchises and growing. These amazing franchise owners and directors have gathered in 2015 and 2017 for the Singers Company Directors Retreat in Southern California. We gathered for just over 24 hours. In that short time, amazing friendships grew, skills were strengthened, knowledge was shared and gifts were given. These women are beyond amazing! We also asked these wonderful women to share THEIR voices! Little did they know it was their time to perform!!

Through smiles, laughter, baby bumps, and new music and choreography literally taught in minutes . . . these incredible women used their skills to bust a move and become a kid again! We don’t claim perfection . . we never will! But we claim love, fun, and friendship through music and dance! We love Singers Company!

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Call us at 1-855-SING-222 (1-855-746-4222)

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