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In a short few months, hundreds of girls have joined the I Believe In Me program! Find out what they and their parents are saying below!

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The mission of I Believe in Me is to inspire and equip 11-12 year old girls with unique life tools to be happy and confident in middle school. In less than a year's time, we have helped hundreds of girls begin this traditionally tricky time of life with increased confidence, knowledge and a happy mindset. This amazing community keeps growing! And the result is exactly what we set out to accomplish: Strong hearts and strong minds in strong girls.

What Parents Are Saying:

  • "Middle school girls need this program and support with all they get bombarded with these days! The videos and ideas are brilliant. I'm so grateful for I Believe in Me and the real tools it gives my girl! Thank you!"
  • "Thank you for sending the starter kit all the way to Switzerland! I am so happy we found this program! I haven't come across anything like it, but it is so needed!"
  • "Every parent needs to know about this program for girls! EVERY GIRL NEEDS THIS! Real tools for real life for real happiness in Middle School!"
    • "Your episodes are so much fun! I'll go walking by E's room while she's watching and she's hysterically laughing and sometimes dancing right along with you! It's really cute and super fun! Thank you!"
    • "You may not realize it but you three are wonderful friends to her even though you've never met! We love what you do for our daughter!"
    • "What your program is doing matters and it is helping me and my daughter! As a mom I really needed this backup because these messages mean something totally different when my girl hears them from someone else! Thank you!"
    • "My daughter LOVES the program! I've sat in on a couple of episodes and I really love all the wonderful positive messages. The episodes about friendship are so relevant for her right now!"
    • "My girls loved the "Favorite Things Party" and seeing all those girls their same age! You ladies are an inspiration and so dang awesome! Thank you for what you are doing for these girls!"
    • "Thank you so much for teaching these girls to be so strong! My daughter loves "I Believe in Me" and is so glad she gets to participate!"
    • "I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for what you've done for my daughter in the I Believe in Me program. She loves it! She's constantly got fun, new ideas to improve herself. She follows all of your organizing tips, cute crafts, skin care and hairstyles. She's started putting herself to bed earlier and making cool charts and inspiration boards . . I can't thank you enough! EVERY girl needs this!"
    • "My daughter loves I Believe in Me so much! She has posted positive notes to herself all over her room and is doing an amazing job organizing her time these days. I've seen such a positive change in her! Thank you!"

What Girls Are Saying:

  • "Thank you for all of these videos! They are perfect for me right now. I am having some friend drama and your advice and ideas are really helpful."
  • "I loved when Katie said "The more you try, the more it becomes a gift" during the "Be the Sunshine" episode. This program is helping me make new friends!"
  • "I love watching you! Every time I watch an episode I just get filled with joy and excitement!"
  • " I am loving I Believe in Me! You guys are so funny and make me feel so great!"
  • "You guys are amazing! You give me the power I need to get through the week! Thank you so much!"
    • "How's it Growing?" was a perfect end to my day! You make me feel noticed because you know what I'm going through and it gives me a warm feeling in my heart!"
    • "I used all the levels of "Be the Sunshine" today! (Yay!) I'm so proud of myself. I made a new friend!"
    • "I Believe in Me has helped me see that there are A LOT more "light" things about Middle School than there are "dark." That shows that there are so many things I can be positive about!"
    • "Thanks for inviting me to the Favorite Things Party! It was awesome to let myself just be myself around people I can trust. All week I kept telling myself, "I can't wait for Friday!"
    • "I watched the Study Skills episode and I started having a spontaneous dance party when I planned my break during homework! It truly is the best study tip!"
    • "I have been loving this program! The episodes have inspired me so much! I am writing down the things I am grateful for every day in the section of my I Believe in Me planner. Gratitude really is the best medicine!"
    • "I was really nervous because I was starting in-person 7th grade at a new school. I then told myself, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" and tried to "Be Sunshine" that day instead of letting my nerves take over!"

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