The I Believe in Me Team

Katie Parker

Host and Creator

Katie is the President/CEO of Singers Company LLC and has a passion for building the confidence of young girls. She has been humbled over the past nine years as the company she began as a sophomore in high school has become a franchise with more than 70 locations nationwide. For the past three years the ideas and vision for "I Believe in Me" have been on her mind and in her heart. As she watches the world become evermore complex to navigate for these young teens, she longed to create a program that helps them stay grounded/rooted yet willing and able to bloom wherever they may be in the world. After having her sixth child just over a year ago, she could wait no longer--she knew I Believe in Me needed to become a reality. She wants them to rise above the comparing, the criticism, the self-doubt that is plaguing girls. She honestly believes EVERY girl and EVERY woman is remarkable and is needed in this world. Each week after a girl watches the episodes and engages in the program she wants them to feel excited about life and empowered to create! She hopes this program will help these girls believe in their gifts, encourage them to grow and motivate them to share with the world. The world needs strong minds, and strong hearts in strong girls.

Becky Fife

Host, Co-Creator and Healthy Habits

Becky Fife is a mother of 7 and avid runner. As a certified Tiny Habits coach, Becky has worked with women, and girls all across the country, teaching them tools to help manage their time, and create habits that lead to success. She keeps things simple, and tries to live each day the best she can. Becky loves spending time with her family outdoors, and can usually be found with a podcast streaming while folding laundry. She was also awarded Nevada Mother of the Year in 2015.

Allie Callister

Host and Beauty: Make-up

Allie is a Southern California native. She loves to work out and spend all the time she can at the beach. She owns her own make-up/lash company and is a mother of four. Her faith, family and friends mixed with a ton of fun and some good food are her everything.

Heidi Terry

Vision and Mission

As soon as Heidi heard about the “I Believe in Me” program, She KNEW she had to be a part of it. She taught a year of in-person “I Believe Me” class and had a blast! She is so excited to be a part of this amazing program going online. EVERY GIRL is capable of AMAZING things!!!

Jan Allen

Beauty: Hair and Skincare

Jan is an esthetician as well as a cosmetologist. She has a passion for helping people to feel beautiful in their own skin! She is the mom of four amazing kids. She loves thunderstorms, naps, and homemade bread fresh out of the oven.

Leslie Horn

Fashion and Media

Leslie Horn is a mom of three and a fashion stylist in Texas. She has always loved putting together outfits that show personality and capture each person's unique style! Her favorite outfit? A dress, some sandals and a chic hat! She spent several years as a style blogger, and now in addition to her work as a stylist, she works with companies and organizations to improve their social media presence. Leslie also loves trees, books, music and taking walks!

Brittani Ritchey

Beauty: Hair

Brittani is licensed and has been practicing cosmetology for over ten years. She is passionate in bringing out the natural beauty each girl and woman have. She feels strongly about providing the right appropriate and safe beauty and hair techniques for middle-school girls. She feels true beauty is found within and having your hair and make-up be a reflection of that is a fun new chapter in these girls' lives.

Joni Hayes

Healthy Habits: Exercise and Nutrition

Joni Hayes is a Texan girl! Married to her sweetheart, and momma to 6 incredible kids, she lives a full & fun life! She has been a Singers Company Director for 8 special years and plans to continue directing for many more. She is a Singers Company girl through and through! Having seen the {magic} of girls sharing their voices for good, she is thrilled to be a part of the newest program ‘I Believe In Me’. Joni enjoys being with her family, playing games, cooking, singing, reading, watching movies, and teaching High Fitness. She also loves learning ways to help her family live their best life! She is excited to share Healthy Habits with the beautiful girls in the ‘I Believe In Me’ program and watch them bloom.

Angie Hyde

Happy Holidays

Y’all she is a Texan girl, most likely found outside running and singing out loud! She has been married twenty-seven years to her best friend and love of her life & blessed with six beautiful kids! Angie loves the blessing of every day and celebrating each day with adding her touch of magic! The magic felt in experiencing running for years and finish lines, the love of cooking, organizing a place for every little thing, earning her Nursing Degree, certified Optavia Health Coach, former Singers Company Director and the most fun...a certified mother! Being a mother and having a home is where her heart is and where true magic begins as we create fun and feelings ....especially for every season.

Emelie Halliday

Cooking and Entertaining

Emelie is a “chef in training”, party planner, wife, and mom of five daughters. She loves to plan to the detail, creating special moments with food and events for the people she loves. Born and raised in Utah, Emelie graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Health Promotion and Education, emphasizing in Consumer Health. She thrives on sharing her knowledge in nutrition and health, but even more, loves to teach hands-on in the kitchen. Emelie enjoys travel, and brings home flavors and ingredients from all over the world. She is excited to share her passion for cooking and entertaining through the “I Believe in Me” program!